As told to: Greg Thomas

This year’s draft features two players who most hockey experts feel confident will have long, fruitful careers in the NHL: Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel. But for most of the players drafted, their futures in hockey are much more uncertain. To simply be chosen, regardless of the number of the pick, means you play the very difficult game of hockey better than almost every other person born in your birth year anywhere in the hockey-playing world.

But being better than almost all the rest doesn’t guarantee a pro career, nor does it guarantee that everyone drafted wants a pro career. The stories of the biggest draft busts are well known. As are the tales of the NHL’ers that were looked over entirely by the draft, but made it anyway.

What about the last player selected in the draft each year? The player each year that shares the experience of being picked as the last of the best. Over the upcoming days and weeks, we will share the stories of these players with our series; The Last of the Best: I Was the Last Pick in the NHL Draft.


Darrel Knibbs: 84th Overall – 1969 Entry Draft

Gerald Haines: 115th Overall – 1970 Entry Draft

Grant Morin: 185th Overall – 1977 Entry Draft

Darren Gani: 250th Overall – 1984 Entry Draft

Jay Henderson: 246th Overall – 1997 Entry Draft




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