Bryan Muir:


As told to: Greg Thomas

I was never drafted but I still experienced draft day with Anson Carter.  We played together with the Wexford Raiders.  It was relative certainty that Anson would be drafted but he wasn’t planning on going.  The night before the draft, I convinced him to go.  The plan was to get up at the crack of dawn and drive to Montreal and get there for the start of the draft.  I slept in, hauled ass over to Anson’s in my 84 Toyota Camry.  We did 150 the whole way there and arrived in the middle of the first round.  First round goes by, second round goes by, third round goes by, fourth round goes by and we are getting pretty tired. It has been a pretty long day; our seats are way up in the rafters of the Forum.  We fall asleep, both of us.  I don’t know when, but I wake up, rub the sleep out of my eyes and check the draft board.  I see Anson’s name on the board drafted in the tenth round. I wake Anson up and tell him his name has been called and to go down to the Quebec table and get the jersey.  He woke up, walked all the way down from the rafters and got his jersey and we drove on home.



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