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Uncategorised / Aug-2016

Dave Bidini:
Players leave, bands leave

n 1988, I was riding in a van through northern Ontario. We stopped in Thunder Bay,…


Uncategorised / Jun-2016

Drew Remenda:
Just when you thought it was safe to play hockey

Drew Remenda is now a broadcaster with Sportsnet but previously worked with the San Jose Sharks…

John Brophy

Uncategorised / May-2016

Pete Weber:
Somewhat Stubborn

ll the stories about John Brophy seem to be along the same lines, don’t they? He…


Uncategorised / May-2016

Derek Paternostro:
Tales from The Aud: Part 3

This is Part 3 of a series entitled Tales From The Aud by Derek Paternostro, a…


Uncategorised / Apr-2016

Derek Paternostro:
Tales from The Aud: Part 2

This is Part 2 of a series entitled Tales From The Aud by Derek Paternostro, a…

trainers wall of fame copy

Uncategorised / Apr-2016

Derek Paternostro:
Tales from The Aud: Part 1

As a 17-year-old, Derek Paternostro worked under the head athletic trainer for the Buffalo Sabres at the…


Uncategorised / Apr-2016

Chuck Molgat:
I dropped my wallet from the 500 level

 few days ago, at the Blue Jays game with my daughter, I participated in some unintentional…


Uncategorised / Mar-2016

Rob Brown:

n 1988-89, playing in only 68 games, I scored 49 goals. I actually scored the 50th twice….


Uncategorised / Mar-2016

Jeff Odgers:
Chip-it-off-the-boards type of guy

 was tooling around with some Mission sticks. I had this one stick that I just loved…


Art,Russia,Uncategorised / Feb-2016

Arkady Tyurin:
Games people play

This is an edited version of the original story, copyright © 2016 Sorgenfri (Trondheim, Norway) s…

john scott 2

Uncategorised / Feb-2016

The Zambonis:
Great Scott

The Zambonis are a band from Connecticut that’s written hockey songs since 1991. Dave Schneider read…


Uncategorised / Jan-2016

Kelly Hrudey:
My worst hockey memory of all

e had a really good start to the 1992-93 season, even though we were missing Gretzky…

john_candy copy

Uncategorised / Dec-2015

Stephen Lee:
Our John Candy year

hen I was 12 years old, I started to really get into hockey. The previous years,…

john vanbiesbrouck

Uncategorised / Dec-2015

John Vanbiesbrouck:
Spring hockey in New York

In 1985-86, goalie John Vanbiesbrouck won the Vezina trophy and was a part of the New…

reggie leach

Uncategorised / Dec-2015

Reggie Leach:
Kenny Dryden was scared of my shot

Which goaltender gave you the most problems? Gerry Cheevers. I did score some goals on him, but…

Wayne Arthurson

Uncategorised / Nov-2015

Wayne Arthurson:
A letter to my younger self

Earlier this week on The Players’ Tribune, hockey great Bryan Trottier wrote a letter to his…