Ian Turnbull:


As told to: Dave Bidini

I’ve played guitar since I was 11 years old. My sister played the piano and she hated it, so I started to plink around on it, and that led to guitar. I’m self-taught. I grew up with Brian Greenaway from April Wine. We went to highschool together. We’d sit in my room and he’d show me how to play E and A and G, and that’s how I started. I also jammed around with the Dionne twins who played with Champagne, as well as musician Kenny McBride.

“I lived for music, and, in a way, I still do.”

When I came to Toronto, I was introduced to Doug Riley (Dr. Music) through Bob Lucier, the pedal steel guitarist who played with Tommy Hunter. I used to hang out in the studios in Toronto with Moe Koffman, Tommy Ambrose, Mary Trudell. We’d go down to Harry’s Steakhouse with Lightfoot, and hang out with the Good Brothers. I used to jam with Terry Clements and the legendary Red Shea, Lighfoot’s guitar player. I went to every concert at the Gardens, and, before that, the Forum. You couldn’t keep me away. I lived for music, and, in a way, I still do.



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