Derek Sanderson:


As told to: Dave Bidini

It’s the fear of success as much as the fear of failure that gets you. You score 24 and people are asking, ‘Okay, what about 30?’ You score 30, and people wanna know, ‘What about 35?’ You chase and chase and you hide the fact that you’re terrified of not getting there.

“You feed those demons to keep going.”

I did it by acting brash, and Mike (Walton) did it with humour and laughter. He was a great guy and a great team-mate, but I knew what he was going through because I was going through the same thing. Did we talk about it? No way. We all wanted to keep playing at living this Alice in Wonderland life. Because it’s so short, you feed those demons to keep going. You never want it to end, no matter the cost.



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