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Welcome to The Slapshot Diaries.

We started this project with a simple goal in mind: to give a voice to former players, and to help preserve some of the greatest stories this game has to tell.

Hockey means everything to us. We wanted to create a unique perspective that goes far beyond the box scores and cliché post-game interviews; a raw, 100% authentic, behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to be at the heart of the hockey universe.

Led by filmmaker Mike Downie and musician and author, Dave Bidini. Partnering with FUSE Marketing, a Toronto-based marketing agency that is passionate about great storytelling. We assembled a team of writers that are equally obsessed with hockey and began reaching out to as many former players as possible.

The response was incredible.

For many of them, this was their first chance to tell their stories without any filters, censorship, or fear of being misquoted in the paper the next day (to say nothing of the fines).

This is the game as told by the select few who have actually lived it. We hope you love their stories as much as we do.